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Every Night is Pizza Night

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

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Pipo thinks that pizza is the best. No, Pipo knows that pizza is the best. It is scientific fact. But when she sets out on a neighborhood-spanning quest to prove it, she discovers that "best" might not mean what she thought it meant.

Join Pipo as she cooks new foods with her friends Eugene, Farah, Dakota, and Ronnie and Donnie. Each eating experiment delights and stuns her taste buds. Is a family recipe for bibimbap better than pizza? What about a Moroccan tagine that reminds you of home? Or is the best food in the world the kind of food you share with the people you love?


Visit Tumblebook Library

- Log in to the Tumblebook database
- Click TumbleSearch
- Search by Title: Toopy and Binoo: Toopy
Goes Bananas
- Listen, watch, and read along with the narrator
about Toopy’s quest to bring Binoo the only
food he wants - a banana!

User Name: fauquier

Password: reads


Visit Britannica School

- Click the Elementary Tree arrow
- Search “pizza”
- Click Reading Level 3
- Learn more about the origins of pizza,
- Chicago style pizza, and different pizza

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome



- Use Pipo’s recipe at the back of the book to create your own perfect pizza.
- Talk about the food in this book with a friend or family member: Could you eat your favorite food every night? Which food in the book would you like to try? Do you agree with Mr. Gonzalez that foods can be the best for different reasons?
- Follow the tutorial and draw a slice of pizza!

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