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Jump at the Sun

by Alicia D. Williams

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A true life tale of the unstoppable story-catcher, Zora Neale Hurston.

“Zora was a girl who hankered for tales like bees for honey. Now, her mama always told her that if she wanted something, “to jump at de sun”, because even though you might not land quite that high, at least you’d get off the ground. So Zora jumped. And everywhere she jumped, she shined sunlight on the tales most people hadn’t been bothered to listen to . . . until Zora. Until Zora jumped."

– Simon & Schuster


Visit Tumblebook Library

-Log in to the Tumblebook database
-Click TumbleSearch
-Search by Title: A Sack Full of Feathers
-Listen, watch, and read along with the narrator about a fable of a young man who also listens and tells stories.

User Name: fauquier

Password: reads


Visit Britannica School

-Click the Elementary Tree arrow
-Search “folktale"
-Learn more about the types of folktales and some of their popular characters and themes.

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome



-Ask an adult to share a story they remember listening to when they were a child.
-Why do they still remember it?
-Tell them your favorite story.
-How are the stories alike and different?
-Capture the memory by recording your stories.

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