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The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess

by Tom Gauld

May_Change Sings.jpg

In acclaimed graphic novelist Tom Gauld's first picture book for children, a little wooden robot embarks on a quest to find his missing sister-- making for a memorable contemporary bedtime story.

For years, the king and queen tried desperately to have a baby. Their wish was twice granted when an engineer and a witch gave them a little wooden robot and an enchanted log princess. There's just one catch, every night when the log princess sleeps, she transforms back into an ordinary log. She can only be woken with the magic words Awake, little log, awake.



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-Discuss how the robot and princess took care of each other throughout the story. How do/would you care for your sibling(s)?
-The illustrations are filled with shapes. How many circles, ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles can you spot?
-Make your own digital robot.

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