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Usha and the Big Digger

Amitha Jagannath Knight

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Celebrate diversity, math, and the power of storytelling!

When sisters Usha and Aarti look up at the stars, they see different things. Aarti sees the Big Dipper, but Usha sees the Big DIGGER. And cousin Gloria sees the Big Kite! Could they all be right? A playful introduction to geometry and spatial relationships, featuring Indian American characters and a note about cultures and constellations.

Storytelling Math celebrates children using math in their daily adventures as they play, build, and discover the world around them. Joyful stories and hands-on activities make it easy for kids and their grown-ups to explore everyday math together. Developed in collaboration with math experts at STEM education nonprofit TERC, under a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation.

-Penguin Random House


- Log in to the Tumblebook database
- Click TumbleSearch
- Search by Title: Night Boy
- Listen, watch, and read along with the narrator about Night Boy’s travels through the stars.

User Name: fauquier

Password: reads


Visit Britannica School

- Click the Elementary Tree arrow
- Search “Constellation”
- Learn more about different constellations

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome



- Usha, Aarti, and Gloria all saw something
different in the same constellation. Go outside with a friend or family member, look at a cloud and share the different objects you see.
- Complete some of the ‘Try This!’ activities at the back of the book.
- What do you see in the stars? Use the Big Dipper Dots handout found on the activity page on the FRESH website to create your own constellation picture.

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