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The FRESH team brings movement activities into the community through school-sponsored events, summer programs and other community partnerships. FRESH has also partnered with a cohort of health and physical education teachers, called Virginia’s Chief Movement Officers (CMOs), to provide teachers with training opportunities and resources that promote active learning opportunities as well as calming and refocusing strategies.    

brain boosts

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Brain Boosts are short fitness breaks designed to be used throughout the day to help students reenergize and increase concentration.

calming & refocusing

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Calming and refocusing techniques increase oxygen and blood flow in the body which can lessen fatigue, increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and help to manage strong feelings.

home activities


Moving at home is important, too! Here are some quick and easy activities you can try at home.  


virtual movement

Dance and workout on demand!  Have fun with your friends virtually with free videos released weekly.

Classes are designed for ages 11 and up.

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Virtual Boot Camp

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Virtual Hip Hop

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