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FRESH Moves’ Social Media Contest

Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health (FRESH) has facilitated the installation of ‘sensory paths’ across all elementary and high schools in Fauquier County. Sensory Paths™ are colorful decals or painted stencils placed on the ground and/or wall that take children through a series of guided movements, such as hopping, skipping, or doing push-ups. The paths can be utilized during class changes or anytime a class or child needs a movement break. First introduced in 2018 by a special education teacher, sensory paths were born out of the connection between movement and increased learning capacity. The original sensory path, and corresponding video of the path in use, became a viral, overnight success as teachers across Pre-K to high school classrooms were united to help students become more successful learners. Since gaining popularity, these paths have been shown to provide numerous benefits to schoolchildren.

To allow the community a peek into the many ways these paths are being used in schools, and to give schools a chance to earn additional movement equipment, ‘FRESH Moves’ is hosting a Social Media Contest. Each Tuesday, beginning on October 26th, 3 to 4 county schools will be featured on the FRESH social media accounts with videos showing how they use their sensory path to get moving. Visit the FRESH Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts each Tuesday to see the new set of videos and vote! Only likes, emojis and shares on the FRESH accounts will be considered as votes to determine a weekly winner. You can vote on each of the FRESH social media platforms! The winning schools will be announced the week of November 29th.

FRESH Supervisor, Kristen McAuliffe stated,

“It has been inspiring to see everyone come together to make the installation of these sensory paths happen. From administrators, to teachers, to custodians, the teamwork involved across schools has been outstanding. We are so excited to give the public a glimpse into the impact these paths are having on kids in Fauquier. A few videos have already been submitted and they will absolutely bring a smile to your face!”

Fauquier FRESH is a program of Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) with a mission to maximize opportunities for students to engage in active learning, active living, and nutritional education. FRESH fulfills this mission through its three pillars: FRESH Moves, FRESH Eats, and FRESH Reads. For more information on the FRESH Program, visit


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