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The Legend of Gravity

By Charly Palmer

In his author-illustrator debut, Charly Palmer spins a tall tale about a neighborhood basketball hero.

Have you ever heard of Gravity? No, not gravity, the centrifugal force pulling us to the Earth. I'm talking about Gravity--the greatest ball player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers.

Gravity is the new kid on the Hillside Projects basketball team, the Eagles. He once jumped so high that his teammates went out for ice cream before he came back down. With Gravity on their side, the Eagles feel unstoppable. They’re ready to win “The Best of the Best,” Milwaukee’s biggest and baddest pick-up basketball tournament. But when they face-off with the Flyers in the final round, the winningest team in the whole city, they realize that it may take a little more than Gravity to bring them to victory.

- Goodreads




"I can't win this game, Gravity said. "But WE can." What does Gravity mean? Share a time when you needed to work with others to complete a goal.

Watch this video to learn more about the game of basketball. How to Play Basketball?

Visit Britannica School to learn about two famous tall tales.

  • Click Elementary

  • Search “tall tale”

  • Read to learn about Davy Crockett and Paul Bunyan.

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Optional Activities:

1. Visit Britannica School to learn about basketball.

  • Click Elementary

  • Search “basketball”

  • Read to learn about the game of basketball.

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome

2. Liquid said, "Everybody needs a street name." Think of a skill or talent you have. Create a street name for yourself that fits your style and your skill.


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