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Will We Always Hold Hands?

By Christopher Cheng Illustrated by Stephen Michael King

A universal story about the everlasting bonds of friendship and love, from two award-winning creators.

There are some things that only a best friend can do—hold your hand when reading a scary story, carry you safely across a river, bandage your hurts, say it’s okay if you're grouchy, and best of all, forever hold you in their heart.

Through a series of questions and answers, Bear tells his friend Rat that best friends will always be together, in rain or shine, in good times and bad, forever and ever.

- Goodreads




What do you think makes a good friend? What are some things you love doing with your friends? What are some of the things you do to help your friends? Can you remember a time when a friend has helped you?

Make a card to thank a special friend.

Draw a picture of a time you helped a friend or a friend helped you.

Interview a friend to learn more about their favorite things. Use this sheet to record their answers:

Best Friend Interview

Optional Activity:

Think about what makes a good friend and complete the sheet: What Makes a Friend


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