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By Katherine Battersby

A children's parable about prejudice, starring a trio of squirrel, mouse, and bear!

When a very large bear moves in next door, Squirrel is sure he can only be trouble for her and her beloved pet mouse, Chamomile. He has terrible teeth, and knife like claws, and huge, horrifying hungers . . . at least that's how Squirrel sees him. But where Squirrel sees trouble, Chamomile sees a new neighbor just trying to be friendly. Who is right.....and who is really causing trouble?

- Goodreads




Why does Squirrel think the new neighbor is Trouble? What does Squirrel learn by the end of the story? What lesson can you learn from this story?

Draw along with author/illustrator Katherine Battersby.

  • Print the drawing sheet or use a blank sheet of paper

  • Watch the video and follow along.

Drawing Sheet


Visit Britannica School to learn more about bears.

  • Click Elementary

  • Search “bears”

  • Read to learn about the eight species of bears

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome

Optional Activity:

Write a letter from Squirrel to Bear apologizing for the way Squirrel treated him.


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