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Brave as a Mouse

By Nicolò Carozzi

The friendship of a goldfish and a mouse is in jeopardy when three not-so-friendly felines want to play too.

A goldfish and a mouse become fast friends as they play in and around the goldfish's bowl.

But when three cats crash the party and terrify the poor goldfish, the brave little mouse gets an idea. She leads the three black cats on a wild and epic chase up and down and over and around until they find themselves surrounded by absolutely irresistible food in the pantry. The cats gorge themselves so much that they fall into a deep sleep, but the mouse knows they won't sleep forever. So the brave little mouse gets another idea to keep the goldfish out of harm's way for good!

- Goodreads




What does it mean to be brave? How was Mouse brave? Share a time when you were brave.

Use the sheet to write or draw five things you can do to be a good friend.

Activity Sheet

Visit Britannica School to learn more about mice.

  • Click Elementary

  • Search “mouse”

  • Read to learn about mice.

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome

Optional Activity:

Draw and share a plan for another way the mice could have gotten the fish to the water.


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