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Jump In!

By Shadra Strickland

This bright, joyful picture book celebrates a

community at play!

It's a sunny spring day, and the tic tac tic tac sound of jump ropes hitting the ground floats through the wind.

"Jump in!"

Everyone lines up for a turn. The Delancy twins, double dutch divas. Leroy Jones with the hip-hop tricks. Even Ms. Mabel, showing the youngstas how it's done. And after a day of fun, when the street lights start to flicker, it's time to . . . jump out!

With a bold graphic style, read-aloud enhancing gatefolds, and an exuberance that leaps off the page, acclaimed artist Shadra Strickland's author/illustrator debut will make readers of all ages get up on their feet!

- Goodreads




Turn to the page with all the children playing outside: jumping rope, drawing with chalk, playing hopscotch, riding bikes. Which of these activities do you enjoy doing alone? Which do you like to do with friends? Which would you like to learn to do?

Practice jumping rope. How many times in a row can you jump without stopping? How fast can you jump?

View this video to learn more about competitive Double Dutch jumping.

Double Dutch Basics | Parents

Optional Activities:

1. Try this Brain Games Challenge. Can you count how many times the jumpers jump?

2. Try one or more of these jump rope activities: Jump Rope!


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