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By Sophie Gilmore

When five animal friends—and one cunning snake—brainstorm ideas about something absolutely terrific to do, they learn about friendship, cooperation, and compromise. Sophie Gilmore’s hilarious and subversive picture book will be devoured by fans of Ryan T. Higgins’s We Don’t Eat Our Classmates and Jon Klassen’s This Is Not My Hat.

Mandrill, Owl, Badger, Turtle, and Anteater want to do something terrific together. Badger suggests climbing—but that is not terrific for them all. Mandrill suggests hanging upside down, but that is not terrific for them all, either. And so it goes, until Snake slithers into the group and nearly upends the whole lovely afternoon. Eventually, with open minds, patience, and cooperation—and a wickedly delightful twist—the five friends finally find a shared passion. Sophie Gilmore’s gorgeous artwork is full of rich details, and she introduces five terrific—and clever—animal characters who readers will cheer for in the end. Terrific! is an irresistible choice for young readers and anyone who’s ever spent an afternoon just waiting for that terrific idea to come along.

- Goodreads




What is something you like to do that your friends do not enjoy? What is something your friends like to do that you do not enjoy? What is something you enjoy doing together?

Plan something terrific to do outside with your family. Will you go for a walk? Will you make something? Will you try something new?

Visit Britannica School to learn more about animals in the story. .

  • Click Elementary

  • Search “mandrill" and "anteater"

  • Read to learn about these animals

School Access ID: fcps1

Passcode: welcome

Optional Activity:

Draw a picture of something terrific you would like to do with your friends.


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