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Fresh produce and chef driven scratch-made options are making their way onto our students’ breakfast and lunch trays. FRESH, in partnership with the Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) School Nutrition Program, is providing on-going culinary training and recipe development resulting in seasonal menu items and healthy, delicious choices. Positive messaging around nutritious produce and student tastings revolve around the "What's FRESH" Harvest-of-the-Month Program.



Connecting with nutritious food is an important part of making healthy choices. The What’s FRESH Harvest-of-the-Month Program highlights regional, seasonal produce in fun and engaging ways.



Approachable, budget friendly recipes will surprise even the pickiest of eaters – especially when they are involved in the cooking process!



What’s FRESH Harvest of the Month items come to life in these original FRESH videos. Choose your favorite produce item and click to follow step-by-step directions for preparing delicious, wholesome recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

Coming soon!


get cooking

Cooking as a family is not only fun time spent together, its time well spent building healthy habits. Reasearch shows that multiple exposures to a food are necessary before children will be open to trying it. Getting kids into the kitchen to assist with feeding the family is one of the best kinds of exposure to new foods as well as an opportunity for experiential learning. These delicious, simple recipes that incorporate fresh produce are a great place to start!

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